The Tybee Island Wedding Association is a group of Wedding Planners, residents, businesses and city employees dedicated to promoting and coordinating weddings and events on Tybee Island while preserving our beaches natural beauty and delicate eco-system through information and education. It is for this purpose that this website was created.

Tybee Island is a beautiful location to hold a wedding or special event. Even though the beach is public there many guidelines that need to be followed in order to preserve its natural splendor.

To ensure that you have the best possible event, the Tybee Island Wedding Association strongly recommends that you hire a local wedding and event planner. However, if you still want to organize and execute your beach wedding yourself, PLEASE follow and obey the laws and guidelines listed below.

The Tybee Island Wedding Association does not represent, promote or recommend any wedding business and will not offer suggestions if contacted. Please, just make sure that you, or whoever you hire, are aware of the rules and regulations of Tybee Island, GA, so your wedding day runs as perfectly as it should.

If you are a Wedding oriented business that wishes to become a part of the T.I.W.A., send an email to the address below.


Beach Permits: If you just want to walk out onto the beach to get married (for just you or a large group): Just do it, for the beach is public. You do not need a special events or beach permit.

For large or special events and setups on the beach (arch, chairs, columns) you must obtain a "Beach Permit". All beach permits must be obtained from the Facilities Manager of the City of Tybee, or a wedding planner that works directly with him. There is a $25 fee.
Call 912-786-4573 extension 127 or visit the City of Tybee website for details.

KEEP TYBEE TIDY! Do not leave arches, ribbons, bubble bottles, beverage containers, cigarette butts, decorative stones or seashells behind. Basically, if you bring it out to the beach, please take it with you after the event. Clean up after yourself and your guests.

NO FAKE FLOWER PETALS: (silk, plastic, nylon, etc.). Having a flower girl drop flower petals in the bride's path is always a fun tradition to add to a wedding ceremony. Dropping fake flower petals is littering. Please use REAL, un-dyed flower petals.

Restrictions: No fire, glass, petsor animals. No tents larger than 10' X 10' "pop-up", generators, extension cords, or motor vehicles allowed on the beach. The release of helium balloons and/or sky lanterns of any kind is strictly forbidden.

Music: Live or pre-recorded music volume should be limited to your ceremony location.

Parking: Park in legal, designated parking spaces only. This includes loading and unloading ceremony materials. Parking is paid parking, 365 days a year from 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. For bigger parties, shuttle buses can be contracted. Parking lots (like the beach locations) are public and cannot be restricted.

Wedding Photos: Tybee's beaches offer many natural and beautiful settings to pose for your wedding photos. Please obey the environmental rules when choosing a site and obey the beach signs (keep off the rock jetties, stay out of the dunes...).

The Dunes: The sand dunes around the beach are protected areas and are off limits to any foot traffic.

Respect other beach goers: Beach weddings are popular and you may encounter another wedding or event near you. Please respect everyone's special day (including yours!). Beaches are still public even if you have a beach permit to set up.
If there is a wedding set up on the beach that is not yours, please do not use the materials there

Signs: If you post temporary signs directing your guests ANYWHERE on Tybee Island, please remove them immediately after the ceremony/reception. Advertising/posting a business name directly on the beach and elsewhere on Tybee Island is against the City of Tybee Island sign ordinance.

Reception Locations:   Tybee Island has many different commercial venues for your wedding reception. One thing to look out for is having a reception in a vacation rental in a residential zone. Your guest count should not exceed the recommended number for the house. Please contact the Tybee Tourism center or your wedding planner for suggestions for suitable locations.

Marriage License: To obtain a Marriage License please contact the Chatham County Probate Court located in the Court House room #509 on Montgomery St. in Savannah, Ga. or Call 912-652-7267 or Fax: 912-652-7262

REPORT VIOLATORS: Please help us in keeping Tybee Island a beautiful and wonderful place to have a wedding. If you see anyone violating the Law, city ordinance or these guidelines, please report them to the proper authorities.

Please contact the Tybee Island Wedding Association with your suggestions for additions to this list.